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Freelance Design Newcastle

Have you been searching for graphic designers? Is it becoming a struggle to find the right marketing agency for you? Well, why not consider a freelance designer in Newcastle Upon Tyne? Whether you are looking for a web designer, graphic designer or a freelance artist of any description, you are in the right place.

Here at Hartson Creative, I can offer you digital marketing and content creation through my freelance design services, working within your brand guidelines to provide you with the most engaging content possible.

I love to work with other design studios and marketing teams, but I also enjoy offering a wide range of freelance graphic design services. Suppose you have a large influx of work and need extra help. In that case, I have plenty of years of commercial experience, or if you don’t have certain facilities in-house, such as Motion Graphics, or the ability to use Adobe Creative Suite, I am the designer for you!

Please get in touch; I can help you with social media graphics, web design, and design skills and also offer creative solutions to problems you might be facing. My designs can help drive traffic to your website and company by working with private clients, start-ups and the public sector.

My Freelance Design Services

Having offered freelance design services to clients in Newcastle and across the North East, including Middlesbrough, Leeds and York, for several years, I like to work closely with a range of excellent services.

I can offer your business or any clients the following;

Logo Design and Branding: I love working on logo and branding work, especially for start-up businesses. I always create bespoke designs and never use off-the-shelf images.

Motion Graphics and Video Editing: I offer eye-catching videos for social media, adverts, Youtube and corporate presentations.

Social Media & Google Ads: I’ve worked with companies such as Toshiba, Mountain and Scitec Nutrition to create large amounts of images in many languages and across different size requirements.

Print Design: My Print Design covers a vast range of work, from leaflets, flyers and brochures to large-scale posters, hoardings, banners, stationery, and loyalty cards. I also design bespoke packaging.

Website Design: I’ve worked with many clients, from Private Healthcare to Personal Fitness, Food and Drink and countless others. I love to design websites and see them come to life at the hands of talented developers.

Illustration: I create a bespoke work based on your exact requirements, so you will never get an off-the-shelf stock illustration from an image website.

3D Visualisation: When creating 3D Visuals, I use state-of-the-art 3D computer software such as Cinema 4D and Redshift renderer to create photo-realistic images.

Freelance Graphic Design Projects Newcastle

I aim to always provide every client with a consistent approach to any design work I do in Middlesbrough or across the UK. Whether I work on your site for you or remotely, you will constantly be updated with the progress. I can create exactly what you are looking for using platforms such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign and other technology platforms.

Being professional is one of the most important aspects of my business, and I aim to keep my graphic design in Newcastle as high quality as I can; having worked with a range of clients in the area, I believe I have all the skills necessary to offer you the best graphic design work on the market today.

Like textile design experts who need to know how to manage fabrics, I am an expert in graphic design and can use my skills and knowledge to turn your idea into reality. Check out my blog to learn about the benefits of using a freelance designer.

How much does it cost to hire a graphic designer in Newcastle?

The cost of employing a Graphics Designer in Newcastle is very different from project to project. It solely depends on your individual needs or your needs as a business, or if you take me on as an in-house freelance designer, each project is different.

With years of commercial experience, you won’t find a freelance design specialist in the area with skills such as mine. All you need to do is bring your ideas to me, and I can work with you to recreate them; whether they are for your websites, portfolios or any other needs, all you need to do is get in touch with me!

My Freelance Design Prices

I prefer to quote you on your project needs after chatting about the work required; however, if you prefer, I can charge by the hour or day. No project is too large or too small, and I feel I am very well placed to fulfil your requirements. I will always work to my customer’s needs, and for this reason, any Newcastle Upon Tyne freelance design work I carry out is quoted on a project-by-project basis.

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