Motion Graphics Design in Cleveland

What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is the art of animating, editing or creating digital video footage. I use special effects, music, 3D cameras, time distortion and many other complex techniques to create eye catching video work for a wide variety of uses such as: social media posts and adverts, YouTube videos, corporate presentations and public information videos.

My Motion Graphics Design

I’ve been creating motion Graphics for many years and offer the following services:
• Video Editing: I can take existing video footage and re-edit, re-size and re-format it to suit a new project.

• Animated Gifs: Need a standout short, animated gif for social media campaigns? I’d love to help you.

• Motion Photography and Cinemagraphs: I can create beautiful seamless looped animated still images from normal photographs and also 3D photographic images

• Animations: I can bring 2D illustration to life by animating them in Adobe After Effects. Whether you need a large-scale public information film or a quick 30-second character animation, I’d be happy to help.

• Text and typography animations: Many companies are creating animated versions of their logos for use on their websites, social media and marketing campaigns. The animated text also looks great when combined with other motion graphics as part of a larger video project.

Creative Motion Graphics Process

I love to work on video projects and am always happy to tackle an exciting new motion brief whether you have a storyboard already mapped out, existing footage to alter, or Adobe Illustrator files that need animating. I can also help if you are starting completely from scratch and need more assistance, I can also source video and music tracks for your project.

Motion Graphics Prices

The highly bespoke nature of motion work means that I prefer to quote you on your project needs after chatting about the work required. No project is too large or too small ranging from a tiny animated gif to a full-size animated Youtube video. I always offer fair prices and am happy to chat about your new project.

Get in Touch Today

Get in touch if you need Video Editing, Animation and Motion Graphics work in the Teesside area.

Alongside bespoke logo creation and design, I also provide logos, websites, illustrations and 3D visualisation. If you are searching for any of these services in Guisborough, get in touch, I am more than happy to discuss your specific requirements.