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Email: is a startup gaming tech brand with a revolutionary series of products. With a Kickstarter campaign created to sell the initial product: ‘Everest’, Mountain needed a wide variety of design work to promote the brand and sell units.

Teaser Campaign

The initial social media campaign for Mountain was designed to show small glimpses of the Everest keyboard and software without giving the game away, just enough to tease the viewer and pique their interest. Each image focused on a particular feature such as the media dock, software or customisable buttons.

Social Media Work

Once the Kickstarter campaign was live we created a series of promotional social media images to increase sales. The Kickstarter was a huge success and the Everest keyboard met its funding target in less than a day!

The social media work continued after this as the Makalu 67 mouse and other products were brought to market.

Print Work & Quick Start Guides

A series of 'Quick Start Guide' instruction manuals needed to be designed to explain all of the features of the Mountain product ranges.

These were multiple languages and included diagrams with little to no text that needed to visually represent how complex functions worked.

Product Packaging

I designed packaging for the Mountain Everest 60 keyboard, cables, accessories, mousepads, and also a switch box that needed each individual switch to be protected in its own cell to avoid pins bending.

Much R&D work was implemented before the final designs were produced.

Icon Design

Huge icon sets created for popular tools such as Photoshop or for stream deck use. The icons are uploadable to the display keys of Mountain products via their Basecamp app.

Motion Graphics

Once the Everest and Makalu 67 products had been reviewed we started work on creating a series of adverts for social media. Footage was either animated from scratch in After Effects or supplied by influencers we worked with.

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