Dead and Disgraced Drinks Brands

Proposed rebranding for various notorious alcoholic drinks.

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Buckfast Tonic Wine is a fortified wine originally made at Buckfast Abbey. The brand suffers from an image problem due to its associated links with young drinkers and antisocial behavior.

Bacardi Breezer

Once a common site in bars and supermarkets across the UK Bacardi Breezer has been pushed of popularity by more 'grown up' brands.

Two Dogs

Two Dogs was a pioneer in the flavoured alcoholic drinks scene of the early 90’s. However after the death of its founder in 2014 the brand passed into obscurity.


Metz was a Schnapps-based alcopop from the 90's. Its advertising featured a sinister character called 'The Judderman'.

Castlemaine XXXX

A once a popular brand, Castlemaine XXXX was withdrawn from the UK at the end of June 2009.

White Lightning

White Lightning was once a popular strong white cider produced in the UK. Its manufacture was discontinued in 2009 due to its bad image.

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