Yoyo Sauce

Yoyo Laos Sauce is a startup Asian hot sauce brand that wanted to move away from its home-made appearance and gain traction nationwide. They needed a total rebrand to make them stand out in a crowded market sector.

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Stamping & Painting

I wanted to experiment with hand-printed and painted letterforms for this project. As the sauce is hand-made I thought it would be the perfect match. A selection of circle and rectangle stamps was made out of potatoes and sponges to create the basic shapes that letters could be constructed from.

Constructing Letterforms

Once the initial shapes were created I went ahead and created simple typography using them. To mirror the simplicity of the shapes I wanted to use a very minimal colour scheme that echoed the sauces fresh ingredients.

Logo Creation

A selection of logos was created using both the hand-made letterforms and also various paper shapes, such as chillies. It was decided that the chosen logo was strong enough to use both inside a chilli shape and as stand-alone text.

Bottle Labels

Bottle labels were designed for both 250ml and 100ml sizes. A traditional Laos style, building illustration was created for use on the labels, and would later feature in other collateral.

Point of Sale

The client found an authentic Tuk Tuk to use for promotional purposes. I was commissioned to create metal signage to mount to the roof in a colour matching the vehicle. A6 tent cards and business cards were also produced as physical points of sale.

E-commerce Website

The next step for Yoyo was to create an E-commerce website featuring a long scroll home page plus a public shop and wholesale section.

Expanding the Range

After the huge success of the original Yoyo Laos Sauce the range was broadened by adding Mild and Extra Hot variations, plus a new 'Lan Xang' sauce that required a unique label based on the old name for Laos: 'Land of a million elephants'.

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